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I have been in this hobby since I was a kid, and I did not always have money. None the less, this has always been a passion of mine. Through the years, I have learned how to make AMAZING Aquariums – both Saltwater and Freshwater. My focus has shifted to planted tanks since this has always been my favorite area of the hobby. I worked in the business for several years with an aqua-scape company and learned a few tricks along the way – I have been doing tanks ” Gypsy Style” ever since.

You don’t have to own a home or have a ton of money to TANK at the next level; I will show you how. What is Gypsy Style? It’s something I coined over 15 years ago – the art of tanking in which everything is centered around the MOVE. You never know when you have to go, and whether or not you will be ready – but there is no reason that you can’t take your hard work with you. I love this way because it is just like nature – NONPARTIAL.

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