How to Embrace the “Suck” and Forge ahead as an Aquarium Hobbyist

I get these fleeting thoughts and I have to record them for later analysis. Humanity, in my opinion as a collective, is  suffering from what I would like to identify as “lost dog syndrome”. The analogy fits perfectly (So metaphorical lol). Growing up in the country, we saw a lot of lost dogs due to the practice of people dropping off their unwanted pets. They would just show up lost (…..aimlessly searching for some semblance of belonging). Longing for acceptance, love, validation, a place to belong, a place to fit in, and of course something to eat!  A sense of anguish led me to these sentiments, and understanding will help me to explore them. Now I wonder, who dropped us off? Is this why we look to the heavens? Is this why we write, draw, sing, or dance? Is this why we have the longing to express ourselves?. I often think this is the price we pay for having a “soul”. The price we pay for getting to be so called “sentient” beings that have intellect , and the capacity to understand. But again, anguish led me here. Anguish, is the poster child definition for the human condition. It sounds morose however, I really don’t think it is, because I am able to see a form of rudimentary beauty in it.  Simply because I have observed that in some form or another, every thing that we do is driven by anguish. Consider the following, there are times in this hobby, when I have absolutely felt like a lost dog. I did not know what in the hell I was doing, and did not have the slightest clue of who to ask for help. And even if I had someone to ask, I would not know what to ask them! It was times like those aforementioned that lead me to development and growth. It is one of the ways that I am able to transpose my methodology of being an aquarist into my every day routine of life.  There will be times in this hobby when you feel like A lost dog, but embrace it, because it is necessary and the reward, is room for growth and understanding.  Measure your individual success on your own merit, while continually seeking your inner truth by being honest to yourself, no matter how painful. And remember, have fun that is what’s important!  The journey continues.

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep tanking




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