Finding Inspiration from Subtle Ques in Nature

What’s the point, of why we do what we do? Is it a journey involving a grand finale? Or, is it just a self fueling obsession? If I had to be completely honest and responsible with myself then I would choose the latter of the two, simply because the point evolves along with journey. I believe that is what we quantify as inspiration which leads me to my thoughts again. What does it mean to be inspired, to be so captivated by something or someone that it compels one too, in this instance create. One word comes to mind immediately GRATIFICATION. Yes I’m yelling that because it’s huge it’s the catalyst that drives our obsession comfortably centered in ego. Now that I’m good and uncomfortable I will admit that my ego has gotten the best of me plenty of times and my ego is telling me right now to minimize that confession by saying “but everyone else has an ego too” right?

And what pray tell, does any of this have to do with nature ? Everything, in fact, because it is nature that we try to control when in fact nature controls us. To have an ego is human nature, but nature itself has no ego make sense? I had to get that quasi philosophical rant out of the way.

Now,  let’s get back to nature in a literal sense. As I struggle with caffeine jitters and wrack my brain for some enlightened morsel of wisdom, I think about my medicine. The woods as I often refer to anything without concrete, fences or hopefully people, has always been my medicine. It has its own way of soothing me and giving me pause to become cognizant of how insignificant I really am. I think about ants busily going about the mundane tasks that ants do and wonder what if someone or something is looking down on us thinking the same thing. Does the tree that falls on a house during a storm have the same impact as a foot going into an ant hill? The reaction is the same: destruction, chaos ,carnage…. You get the picture.  Then, the process of  rebuilding takes place and the cycle continues, the only difference I see is that the ants cut out the emotional middle man and get right to work! nature provides me with insight and just with simple observation, gives me perspective. I want to be like an ant, blissfully non concerned by the nature of existing, and  not a slave to my ego.

My tanks remind me of this concept, to create without sense of gratification but with purpose .Ant hills really don’t look like much on the surface but to explore them in a deeper aspect you find out quickly that in fact, they are architectural works of amazement. As I look at my work past and present, I feel the same way on the surface sometimes its like what the hell were you thinking?, but let time pass and I cant be happier with the results. Creating mini existences in a glass box – AMAZING! This is why I love this hobby .That, is what inspires me.

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep tanking



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