Appreciating the natural cycle of life. 

Life, we question its existence, we ponder its meaning, but do we really ever come to a point when we can see the writing that is on the wall? Death, is one of those things that no one wants to talk about or acknowledge, but it happens right? But Steve!, what does this have to do with Aquariums, or plants? Everything! We buy plants, we buy fish too. We set out with the best intentions almost like illusions of grandeur, with the hopes and intent of doing something great, something wonderful. What you as the reader needs to understand is, in fact I am talking about myself. I do believe however, that everyone can identify in some way or another with my sentiments. Here is a classic scenario, you see a tank, you become inspired with the flora and fauna of said tank, you research on that tank (always mostly bare minimum we like the fun stuff.) you figure out the easiest way to somewhat replicate that tank, and then you go and spend money…. Off to the races also known as the store.  In this scenario it’s always a win, sometimes a sustainable win, but oftentimes it is just a manifestation of poor impulse control.  Now to get to the meat of this thing, (sorry, vegans) my point is this, when you love something, you love it, and when you don’t you don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I had the best idea for a tank, a theme, or a scape, and at the time it was FACTS for me in that moment. Slowly however, the passion faded and the want and the desire turned into obligation. The thing that I just had to have manifested itself into a energy vampire slowly drinking away at my life force energy and costing me a shitload of time, and even more money. Then there are the things that you care about. I have a 55 long in my living room that has been up and running since 2005, so that’s 15 years! Its significant because that one specific aquarium has been all over the country with me. I took the time to nurture it, take the extra steps to ensure its safety, and to make absolutely sure that not anything was harmed.  Here in the year 2020 I can honestly say that the gravel bed is the same, some of the “OG” plants are still thriving, and that Tank is no worse for worry. I know that everything living has a shelf life this is true, but as people and more importantly as hobbyist, we owe it to ourselves to stay cognizant of these principles. Do what matters to you. Cherish what needs to be cherished and if you can’t cherish it, well, maybe it wasn’t that important after all. I always say and have been taught, “ Give me My Flowers while I am Alive” because when I am gone Im gone. Just some food for thought….

Until next time, Stay beautiful, And keep Tanking.


Warrior Planted Tanks.

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